Dry your brushes safely 10x quicker while UV sterilizing!

Imagine your client's delight of the sight of you pulling out a freshly cleaned brush that was UV sterilized. They will appreciate the extra effort of their favorite makeup artist using the latest technology to assure their skin health is your top priority. More and more media coverage and investigative news segments show up every day of the dangers of shared makeup brushes and cosmetics. From the woman that is now paralyzed due to a shared brush, to herpes, pink eye and other disease transmissions, to annoying blemishes and breakouts from bacteria hidden in a brush or in makeup. 

While most professional makeup artists do their best to clean and disinfect brushes with alcohol spray cleaners between clients, these mostly only clean the bristle tips and does not remove buildup of makeup containing bacteria. Deep water based cleansing is necessary for this, however some thick natural hair brushes can take 24 hours to air dry, leading to the possibility of mold growth starting. Improper drying position can cause moisture seepage and loosen bristles. Now there is a way to speed up this process and your valuable time, eliminate the need to carry so many extra clean brushes, all while deep UV sterilizing. May be used with quick clean wipes then place in machine to speed dry and UV sterilize for quick bacteria free protection when needed. The Pro now comes with dual UV lamps and shelf for sterilizing palettes and products, plus 110v and 12v operation for the traveling MUA on the go.

The Brush Medic Pro Model will UV Sterilize small makeup palettes and makeup brushes to 99.9% effective bacteria free in minutes and will dry brushes up to 10 times quicker after cleaning. Be among the first to offer your clients the assurance that their health and safety is your utmost priority.



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Makeup Brush 

UV Sterilizer and dryer

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Brush Medic Pro Options

                                                                BRUSH MEDIC™ PRO

Patent pending design of the Brush Medic Pro, UV Sterilizes and safely dries makeup brushes in minutes (up to 10x quicker than conventional air drying). Germicidal Deep UV-C Sterilizing Technology kills most viruses, germs, microorganisms and bacteria to 99.9% effectively free in less than 10 minutes. The Brush Medic Pro is a must to add to the professional makeup artist tools, to assure clients that health and safety is their priority, not to mention speeding up valuable time and eliminating need to carry so many extra clean brushes. Compact size is great for home, travel or business. Option of Dual UV includes upper UV Sterilizing lamp and tray to sterilize makeup and small palettes. 110v and 12v operation for the traveling mua on the go.

  • ​Safely dries and UV sterilizes up to 28 small or 9 large brushes and 1 x-large handle Kabuki
  • Pro model now includes a 2nd UV upper lamp and tray to sterilize makeup and palettes
  • ​UV Sterilizes in 10 minutes / Dries most brushes in minutes (up to 10x faster)
  • Includes a Kabuki brush holder and (10) Brush Medic Shapers™ to hold bristle shape when drying
  • Suspends brushes properly bristles down to prevent moisture seepage
  • Dehumidifying air circulation chamber dries even the thickest natural hair brushes in usually 1 hour or less after deep wet cleaning (normally 10+ hrs conventional drying)
  • Gentle cool air flow does not disfigure bristles (heat is not blown on bristles)
  • 1 hour auto off timer shuts off machine for safe unattended use
  • 2 options modes: sterilize only or sterilize and dry mode
  • Door safety feature turns off UV light when open
  • Compact: 7"w-11"d-10"h
  • 110v and 12v cords included (12v operates drying process only)
  • UV-C Wavelength: (254nm LED) kills 99.9% effective viruses, germs and bacteria in 10 minutes
  • Commercial, travel or home use
  • Patent pending
  • Only available here! 
  • 1 year limited warranty